EBConverter V17.2™ Release 201705

- The most accurate converting tool on the market for converting Allegro Board Design to IBIS EBD

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Many module developers address the difficult issue of IP protection by providing the entire Board/Module design to their clients.

Not any more!

EBConverter™ provides a solution for converting Cadence Allegro™ Layout board into the IBIS EBD Industry Standard Modeling Format

Many module vendors deliver their board designs to their customers for high-speed system designs. Doing so involves risks to their IP protections as well as tool interoperability issues. IBIS EBD provides a standard (ANSI/EIA) modeling format that allows module vendors to deliver the standard modeling format to their customers as well as to protect their IP in the module designs.

EBConverter™ is the most accurate EBD converter tool on the market. It automatically uses the embedded terminator solution in the EBD to provide complete extended netlist. As it completes the extended netlist it generates IBIS Terminator models with power/ground connections according to the connections in the layout board.

EBConverter V17.2™ Capabilities and Functionalities:

  • Simplest User Graphic Interface for ease of use
  • Flexible Connect Device (Connector) selection
  • Complete Connector Pin list
  • Support Cadence PCB SI Detailed Closed Form Via Modeling
  • Automatic serial/parallel terminator handling for complete extended netlist
  • Automatic embedded terminations in [Path Description] and IBIS Terminator model generations
  • Keeps all the data names (Net, RefDes, etc.) as the same as original board
  • Remain DML boardmodel segment names as comments for easy verification
  • Automatic Terminator Mapping Functionalities
  • Project Save/Load capabilities
  • Support Cadence Allegro/APD 17.2


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